European Business Reads: Innovation, Gender Gap, And Fundraising

Europe has a long history of tech development and innovation. However, Europe needs to deepen its innovation capability and strategically approach continuous improvement to regain an innovative edge. 

The EU’s Next Big Move: Taking Leadership to Close the Gender Gap in AI 

As we stand at the crossroads of gender equity and advanced technologies, the EU is ready for an Industry 4.0 rebranding. However, despite the bright spots, If the EU wants to continue leading the way toward gender equity, it must take action to close the gender gap, and one of those gaps is in AI. Read the full post to learn more about gender equity benefits and how the EU could capitalize on gender equity’s trillion Euro opportunity.

How can Europe Regain Its Innovative Edge? 

In this article, Pal Erik Sjatil, Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company in Europe, points to Europe’s long history of innovations that have changed the world. However, he also draws attention to the fact that even though Europe still has great success stories, it also has a harder time translating promising ideas into billion-dollar “unicorns.” However, there is still a way… Learn more about the five potential paths and how Europe could play on its strength by defining its innovation model.  

4 Fundraising Secrets of Budding European Tech Startups

Funding is the backbone of any tech startup, and Europe has witnessed many successful funding efforts. But there’s more to just getting funds. Successful and continuous funding leads to creating a healthy startup environment, and the right amount of funding can help startups scale up and expand in many different directions. Read in full to gain insight into the four strategies that helped European startups raise the bar and get funded. 

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