European Business Reads: #MarketingTechnology in Europe

We all know that marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. And when we add an ever-shifting, growing, and continuously evolving technology landscape to the equation keeping on top of trends and topics becomes time consuming and complex.

As an American in Europe I depend upon European business news to keep me abreast of trends and topics. But finding what I need is difficult and time consuming. So, I started European Business Reads to share what I find and save you time. My thought – search and vet once, then share with friends 🙂

If you’re interested in European trends in digital strategy, technology, and innovation, this weekly (most of the time) is a great place to begin. I hope you find it useful and feel free to drop me a line to let me know.

Martech 2019: Marketing technology shows no sign of slowing down in Northern Europe   

Odyssey, Wiraya, Swedma and CMO goes TECH went to marketing managers and asked for their views on how different challenges, priorities, learnings, and investments helped evolve their customer interactions. The result is Martech 2019, an exploratory study which aims to understand how marketers are investing, deploying, and getting real value from marketing technology.

In last year’s Martech report, more than 50% of interviewed CMO’s couldn’t define Martech. This year, surprisingly, the concept appeared way more established. Find out more, gain some insight about the results of the Survey, and go here to get your copy of the Martech Report 2019.

The UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic  

For the Martech community, the annual release of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is a massive day in the industry calendar. Now you have an opportunity to check out the UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic created by MarTech Alliance. Their research uncovered a total of 417 companies, with over 100 of the companies not featuring in the current global version.

No doubt the 2019 landscape will continue growing exponentially, this graphic is only an approximation. The primary purpose is to start the discussion about UK martech landscape. Find out more, check out the full article, you’ll find a few sweet bonuses: martech landscapes of Finland, Germany, China, and Canada.

Is GDPR working? Brave’s Johnny Ryan says it’s starting to, and marketers must heed the risks

A little over a month ago, we marked the first anniversary of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Since its implementation, GDPR has impacted privacy debates around the world. It has also been an influence on California’s forthcoming CCPA, set to take effect next January 2020. But has GDPR accomplished what it set out to do?

For perspective, MarketingLand asked Johnny Ryan, chief policy and industry relations officer at Brave Software, to reflect on the impact of GDPR on the digital ecosystem and how it has changed the lives of marketers. Read the full interview.

What are your thoughts? Would you like something to add? Leave a comment below and let’s connect on Twitter or Linkedin. I’d love to hear from you!

Image by Patricio González from Pixabay 

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