European Business Reads: Embracing Digital as a Competitive Standard

We are a society driven by technology. The impact of digital and digitalization is disrupting every aspect of our lives. This edition of EBR delivers a mix of articles that points to several different aspects of technology that keep disruption continous: digital marketing, advanced technologies, and the disruptive nature of digitalization itself.

5 Ways European Companies Use B2B Influencer Marketing 

It’s common knowledge that with influencer marketing, brands tap into the power of well-known and respected social media figures to grow their businesses. However, it is important to select the strategy that works best for your company. Read this article and gain insight on how 5 European SaaS companies use B2B influencer marketing to boost sales, improve brand awareness, or even to build a new brand from scratch.

Inside The Massive Tech Event That Drew Power Players from Jack Ma To Heads Of State

“There are tech events, and then there are tech events.” Viva technology falls into the latter category. Now in its fourth year, this conference, held in Paris, France is a three-days event of thought-leadership, exhibits, investor opportunities, and evening events. In case you missed it this year, check out this post on Forbes for comprehensive summary and some exclusive highlights.

Europe needs to shape its digital future, for the good of its citizens and the economy

New technologies are disrupting our lives. No one is being spared by the ongoing revolution in e-commerce, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart transport, or e-health. In this article, Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Orange talks about a “HumanInside” philosophy, why they developed it, what is it about, and in what ways Europe needs to embrace disruption and digitalization. “Having a vision is not enough. Concrete actions ought to be taken, as well.”


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Photo by Fernand De Canne on Unsplash

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