European Business Reads: AI and Machine Learning

This week’s edition of European Business Read is about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Adoption in European enterprise, initiatives for AI ethical rules, and a spotlight on the Artificial Intelligence Startup Ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Adoption in European Enterprise

In a recent survey, O’Reilly explored how companies in Europe are preparing for and adopting AI and ML technologies. Their study included more than 3,200 respondents, with more than 1,000 respondents from Western and Eastern Europe. In this post, they present some of the critical areas of interest and concern highlighted by respondents from Europe. Also, the survey results showed that companies are beginning to build some of the foundational pieces needed to sustain ML and AI within their organizations. Read the full article, and if you want details, you’ll also find complete results from the survey and additional charts.

Europe to Pilot AI Ethics Rules, Calls for Participants

The European Commission has announced the launch of a pilot project intended to test draft ethical rules for developing and applying AI technologies to ensure they can be implemented in practice. The Commission’s High-Level Group on AI comprised of 52 experts from across industry, academia and civic society published their draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI in December 2018. A revised version, submitted in March this year can be summed up to a set of seven “key requirements” for trustworthy AI.

The Best AI Startups in Europe

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a strategically important sector for Europe. As such it will continue to be a driver for economic development. People are still divided whether AI will take jobs, create new ones, or morph into an evil robot army that will become self-aware and wipe out humans. You decide!

In this article Valuer covers what AI is all about, how the European ecosystem compares to two AI superpowers, China and the US, and which European AI startups to keep an eye on. 


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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