European Business Reads: Digital Is Rapidly Transforming Business

In this edition of European Business Reads, we cover new insights on the marketing digital skills gap in the UK, tips from the social media conference Spark in Copenhagen, and a thriving digital innovation system in Switzerland.

UK marketing leaders concerned about the digital skills gap

96% of marketing leaders in the UK believe digital marketing is vital to the success of their organizations, but a staggering 70% of marketing leaders report they are concerned about the digital skills shortage impacting the industry. What can we do?

The Digital Marketing Institute surveyed more than 200 executive and senior marketing professionals worldwide about marketing challenges and opportunities in the near future. Read more about solutions proposed to bridging the digital skills shortage here.

Digital first or people first? Marketing insights from Spark Conference in Copenhagen

The expression ‘digital first’ is a staple in strategy but maybe it’s time to give it a rest and place the focus on what matters most in creating value — people.

Three crucial marketing insights emerged from the social media conference Spark in Copenhagen: purpose marketing, communication with people, and how to convert more with video — all with a focus on people, not digital, first. Check out the details and read the full article here.

How Switzerland can be a digital leader

Good news for the most innovative country in the world! The overall level of digitalization in Switzerland is 45% up 20 points from 2016, according to the scorecard by, the joint project of ICTswitzerland and Economiesuisse.

However, the rate varies widely across different industry sectors. Even though Switzerland has a thriving innovation ecosystem for businesses to drive forward digital transformation at scale, there is no room for complacency.

Find out more about the digitalization across the industries, digital maturity, and digital transformation in this insightful article.

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Photo by Julian Schröpel on Unsplash

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