European Business Reads: Digital Champions, Women in Tech France, Crypto Coffee Shops

If you want to find out more about Europe’s 100 digital champions, opportunities for EU diverse-led startup investments, women disrupting the tech industry in France or where to buy coffee with cryptocurrency, it’s time to read this week’s edition of European Business Reads!  

Europe’s 100 digital champions

The Financial Times brings us the list of people and companies leading Europe’s growth in five categories: Leading Individuals, Corporate Digital Transformation, New Technologies, and Business Models, and Technology Training. Check out the full list of men and women who are helping to promote digital transformation in Europe as leaders and influencers both behind the scenes and in the public eye. Check out the full list here.

92 Women To Follow Who Are Disrupting Tech In France

“Investing in women it is crucial for the future we aspire to. Diversity in the tech industry is a question that is essential to our future.” – Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris.

This article from Forbes is more than just another list of women in tech. Of course, you will find the full list of 92 women founders, investors, and tech leaders in Paris and France who are shaping, and shaking up, the tech industry. But you will also find new data (with links) about EU investments in diverse-led startups, the role of diversity in business results, and more. To read it now, go here.  

Crypto For Cappuccinos: 130 Coffee Shops in Europe Started to Accept and Sell Crypto

Although it is possible to spend crypto in the real world, it isn’t always easy. A new platform, startup Cyclebit believes that the crypto phenomenon, at least in its current form, is far too complicated for the mass majority of consumers and aims to simplify things. The idea is already gaining traction; the crypto payment technology is being rolled out in Nostrum – a network of 130 coffee shops throughout Spain – which has just begun accepting and selling Bitcoin. Find out more about “crypto for cappuccinos,” read the full article here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s picks. Drop me a line in the comments below, bop on over to Twitter or connect on Linkedin. Let’s chat!

Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

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