European Business Reads: Blockchain, Premium Video, and New Copyright Law

In this edition of the „European Business Reads – Blockchain in Europe Report, new research on premium video and digital programmatic trend, and the potential word web changes coming with the new Europe’s copyright law.

Blockchain in Europe: Lack of industry collaboration a major problem

A new report from Cognizant, ‘Blockchain in Europe: Closing the Strategy Gap’ highlights a somewhat conservative point of view in Europe when it comes to the significance of blockchain. Cognizant surveyed over 1,500 European business decision makers across different industries and even though Blockchain is seen as a strategic imperative there seems to be a reluctance to collaborate with other businesses, meaning it may take longer than necessary to make blockchain mainstream. Read the full article to learn more about the key findings, challenges and what business should do to overcome them.

Premium video growth outstrips digital programmatic trend in Europe

According to new research, there has been continued growth in premium video. In Europe, despite the arrival of new data regulations with the GDPR, premium content saw an increase of 31% in ad views and 22% in video views during the second quarter of the year, compared with the same period in 2017. In contrast, digital programmatic spending took a big hit immediately post-GDPR. This article from Netimperative highlights some significant findings from the Q2 2018 Video Monetisation Report. To download the full Q2 report, as well Q1 2018 and the last two reports of 2017 go to Freewheel Comcast website page.

Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change the Web Worldwide

Critics say the law approved by the European Parliament in September this year will force site operators to filter content before posting it, diminishing the experience for users. On the other hand, proponents of the proposal say it’s necessary to protect artists whose work is pirated online, as well as newspapers and journalists at risk of having their business models undermined by social media giants. Whatever the case, the controversy continues. As we know even the best filtering systems are not perfect. What some welcome as protection of the business models and copyrights, others see as a potential to limit the access to the information. This article from Wired is a long read, but, worth your time, read it in full here.

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Photo by Pierre Louisot on Unsplash

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