European Business Reads: Asia in Europe, Women in Biotech, GDPR Influence on Retail

This time EBR is full of twists and turns: a story about Asian startups considering business ventures in Europe, the male perceived biotech industry has formidable women too, and GDPR marketing and business benefits for retailers.

Do Asian startups have a future in the European market?

Silicon Valley is the startup dream, but the high volume of winners in the Valley’s startup space brings intense competition to those looking to make a name for themselves. The growing support for startup hubs makes Europe not just a conducive environment for local entrepreneurs, but it also makes the region desirable to Asian startups looking to expand their horizons. To learn more about the Asian startups and their venture to Europe read the full article on Tech in Asia.

Top 14 Entrepreneurial Women in European Biotech

Once upon a time, it would’ve been difficult to find a woman in a senior position at a top biotech company. Today, women are creating some of the most pioneering companies in the industry. Although the proportion of women to men isn’t as high as it should be (read the full text for additional links and researches on gender diversity), it is improving. In this article puts the spotlight on the great work that women do in biotech and shows that the gap deserves to be closed.

How the European Union’s GDPR will revolutionize retail marketing

While restrictions imposed by GDPR introduces some obstacles, and its impact extends beyond the EU, several recent surveys shed new light on the topic and guess what? Marketing’s post-GDPR future doesn’t look so grim! In this post, Mike Sands, CEO of Signal argues that while GDPR may be a challenge in the short term, making the strategic pivoting toward first-party data will benefit retailers and provide better positioning in the fight against Amazon in the long runRead the full article.

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