European Business Reads: Digital Advertising, AI & Automation, and the UK Company Culture

In this edition of EBR: The AdEx Benchmark study about digital advertising market, Mckinsey’s report about Europe in the age of AI and Automation, and 14 UK companies with the best workplace culture.

European Digital Advertising Market has Doubled in Size in 5 Years

The AdEx Benchmark study is the definitive guide to the state of the European digital advertising market. The study divides the digital ad market into three categories: Display, Search and Classifieds and Directories.

Growth in these advertising formats has been underpinned by shifting uses in devices and changing consumption patterns. One of the research findings is that maturity doesn’t hinder the opportunity for further innovation and growth. The full report is free and you can download it, once you register.

10 Imperatives for Europe in the Age of AI and Automation

This report by McKinsey Global Institute, prepared for the European Union Heads of State Tallinn Digital Summit, underlines several important findings regarding Europe and digitization.

While making progress, Europe is still behind the US and China in capturing the opportunities of artificial intelligence and automation. Adoption is uneven across companies, sectors, and economies, and the leaders are capturing most of the benefits. Progress is all about the steps needed to enable people, enterprises, and governments to fully tap into the potential of innovative technologies and digitization. Read the full article on Mckinsey’s website.

14 Companies With the Best Company Cultures and Values in the UK

Company culture is becoming one of the main differentiators from employees’ perspective when it comes to job search. Glassdor rounded up 14 UK companies with stellar culture and values ratings, as assessed by their employees. More to it, these companies are hiring! Check out the full list of jobs if you are in the market for a new opportunity.

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Photo: Evan Smogor on Unsplash

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