European Business Reads: Digital Economy, Innovation, and the Future of Work

After a lovely summer break, European Business Reads is back with a selection of articles highlighting the economic importance of diversity in STEM, digital innovation, and Mckinsey’s report about the future of work.

The Fight for Europe’s Future: Digital Innovation or Resistance  

In this article, Steve Denning brings attention to Europe’s struggle with the Fourth industrial revolution, the economic war between Europe and America, and companies which embrace the inevitable digital future. “If Europe is going to cope with the invading army of digital giants, it first needs to understand them. “ For more about “Gafa” and other companies, read the full article on Forbes.

Women in STEM: a Cornerstone of Europe’s Digital Economy

“The average European girl loses interest in STEM by the age of 15” this is what Microsoft’s latest research shows. They surveyed 11,500 girls and young women aged 11 to 30, in 12 European countries and the facts are in. How can we help future generations? More female role models is a great place to start.

In context with the recently launched European Commission’s approach on artificial intelligence this article highlights Europe’s need to promote AI to open up new socioeconomic opportunities. You can find the full article here. For more resources about STEM skills, and gender balance visit their page Changing the face of STEM.

Shaping the future of work in Europe’s 9 digital front-runner countries

McKinsey’s research shows significant value in embracing AI and automation for the Northern European countries. However, to see value realized new skill sets amongst employees and a policy response around education, training, and the social contract is required.

In this research, McKinsey focuses on nine “digital front-runners” in Northern Europe they deem relatively enthusiastic and ahead of peers in the use of robotics, machine learning, and AI. Download the full report here.

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Photo by Mitch Rosen on Unsplash

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