European Business Reads: Women in Business

This week on European Business Reads a selection of articles about women shaping the future of business.  From entrepreneurs to startup founders, these articles are much more than just lists and initiatives; they focus on valuable resources about the efforts to support, connect, and learn from women shaping the future of business and digital. Enjoy!

100 Women Founders In Europe To Follow On Twitter And LinkedIn

Allyson Kapin is the founder of Women Who Tech and the cofounder of the social change web agency Rad Campaign. Three years ago, she set out to help fund women-led startups in the US. During that process she discovered that most investors were not investing in women and  the gender-gap is not just a US problem; it’s prevalent in Europe as well. As she spoke with European investors she heard the same old excuse “it’s a pipeline problem.” So, she decided to solve that problem with this list of 100 European women-led startups to ensure anyone worried about the “pipeline” has a resource to turn to.

Supporting women’s entrepreneurship in Europe

Women outnumber men in Europe but they account for just 22% of entrepreneurs. Euronews reporter Sergio Cantone went to Rome to inquire why. He spoke to Tiziana Pompei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and asked her to share what is being done to boost female entrepreneurship, particularly in the area of innovation. You can read the full article here.  Additional useful links about entrepreneurial funds and the Prize for Women Innovators created by European Commission, is included.

571 women in the UK who could speak at your tech event

Charlotte Jee, a techworld and IDGworld editor, and Jeneo founder assembled this fantastic list of almost 600 women in the UK who could speak at any of many tech events. As she mentions in her article, this is just a tiny sample of the thousands of women working in tech in the UK. The list includes startup founders, vendor executives, CIOs, security experts, developers, technologists, lawyers and academics.

Have resources shining the spotlight on diversity of talent in your region? Drop a comment below and share!

Photo by tweetyspics on Pixabay.

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