European Business Reads: Mobile, Fintech Startups, Brexit, AND… more GDPR

This week’s roundup covers Forrester’s mobile ad spend and trends, UK marketing industry facing Brexit, the relationship between GDPR and EU consumers, and the updated list of the hottest Fintech50 startups in Europe. Enjoy!

Forrester: Mobile Ad Spend in Europe to Double to €40.3 Billion by 2022

Forrester is predicting a positive outlook for mobile with ad spend up across seven countries in the region: the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Sweden. This brief overview provides additional information about ad spend and the trends that will influence future of mobile.

How Prepared is the Marketing Industry for Brexit?

Amidst the Brexit disputes and dilemmas, how prepared is the UK marketing industry for a future outside the EU? Featuring major findings from their latest report: Navigating Brexit: A Provisional Guide for Marketers and HR, econsultancy reveals how UK-based companies, or companies targeting a UK audience, responded to Brexit in marketing campaigns. A very interesting, in-depth article from Econsultancy. Read the full article here.

Has GDPR Shut the Door to Consumers in the EU

“Another day, another GDPR post.” True, but let’s face it, GDPR is a big change. Author, Kag Katumba, marketing executive at Smart Insights, talks about this change, and the fact that GDPR may have temporarily isolated the EU customer base. This is what’s happening across the pond, and with businesses that fall inside the EU borders.

Fintech50: the hottest startups in Europe right now

Over half of the 2018 Fintech50 are based in London, as it fights to keep its crown amid increasing competition from startups in cities like Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam and Warsaw. The Fintech50 features 23 startups that are new to the list in 2018. View the full list here, including the hottest-of-hot Hot 10 emerging startups.

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Photo by nattanan23 on Pixabay

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