European Business Reads: The EU’s Copyright Reform, unlucky number 13, and Censorship

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the new EU’s Internet Copyright Reform.

A couple of days ago, The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs voted ‘YES’ on highly controversial parts of the proposal (and the controversial articles 11 and 13) who effectively established a link tax, to censorship machines and to ban memes.

This edition of European Business Reads features several articles on this topic, its background and what’s next to come!

The Next Web: The EU’s disastrous Copyright Reform, explained by its lovers and haters

Business Insider: Everyone is panicking about a ‘dreadful’ new law that might kill off the meme and change the internet forever

The Electronic Frontier Foundation: 70+ Internet Luminaries Ring the Alarm on EU Copyright Filtering Proposal

Handelsblatt Global: EU copyright decision could change the internet’s sharing culture

Techcrunch: Europe takes another step towards copyright pre-filters for user generated content

The Verge: New EU copyright filtering law threatens the internet as we knew it


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