European Business Reads: GDPR confusion, Cybercrime report, Startup Success

This week on the „European Business Reads“: GDPR confusion, Europe’s Q1 2018 Cybercrime report, and a list of ten European starup founders who conquered the US.

Confusion, chaos in the GDPR’s first week

It didn’t take too long for GDPR to stir things up. Not even a full week into the new law and it was already causing confusion and chaos in parts of the digital economy.

Check out this selection of articles, cover stories, reports, legal actions, and even surprising reactions from some publisher, from Econsultancy on the impact of GDPR.

Read more about it here.

2018 Cybercrime report Europe

Did you know that 80 million fraud attacks and 210m bot attacks originated from Europe in Q1 2018? Or that desktop transactions are twice as risky as mobile transactions?

Download the full ThreatMetrix report for insights on cyberattacks, as well as on cybersecurity innovation and how those events are driving Europe at the forefront of the mobile-first revolution.

10 European founders who conquered the US with their startup and succeeded big time

The Silicon Valley has been at the epicenter of the tech industry for decades. Studies (and perhaps common sense?) indicate that having a presence there will increase your chances for business success. It’s not surprising then why many European entrepreneurs have opened an office in the Valley.

This list features 10 European founders who conquered the US with their startup and succeeded big time.


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