My Fave Five: A Martech and Digital Transformation Industry News Roundup

With so much (great) content being produced daily,  finding the articles that stand out can be difficult. But staying in-the-know is a must.

My Fave 5 is a monthly roundup of Martech and Digital Transformation Industry News that I’ve read the past 30 days and find are worth sharing; they are either insanely insightful, helpful, inspiring or just plain interesting.

I hope My Fave 5: MarTech and DT news helps you save time and stay in the know. Like what you’ve read? Drop me a comment and feel free to share the love with colleagues and peers. 

What enterprises will focus on for digital transformation in 2018

In his January post for ZDNet, Dion Hinchcliffe writes about growing sense that digital change is now nearly inevitable and omnipresent in both the enterprise and society today. Up until now, organizations could often afford to overlook the bigger picture for various digital upgrades, improvements, and modernization. However, in 2018, these threads will become so connected that increasingly holistic digital transformation efforts will focus on more customer and worker-centric models. Check out the full article here.

How Blockchain Will Disrupt Content Distribution

When we talk about how a new technology has the potential to revolutionize a way we do our work, we need to understand first how the technology functions.

This article provides basic information on the future transition from current content distribution methods to thinking about utilizing blockchain.

5 Disruptions to Marketing: Part 1 to 3 – Digital Transformation, 2018 Update

Simply said, this is a must read series of posts from Scott Brinker. These aren’t “predictions,” but rather “updates” on multi-year themes that are reshaping marketing as we know it. Currently, 3 parts in the series have been published, click on the links for Part 2 and Part 3, and stay tuned for Part 4: Digital Everything (2018 update)

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

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