European Business Reads: Startups, AI, and Going Global

This week on the „European Business Reads“ three stories about European Startup Landscape: Top 50 Europe’s most influential women in startup and VC, insight on the European AI companies, and how to go global. Enjoy the read.

TOP 50: Europe’s most influential women in the startup and venture capital space

The title itself says it all. Women are still heavily underrepresented in the startup world, and EU-startups did a great job creating this list of female entrepreneurs and investors in Europe. They screened over 200 potential nominees and they narrowed the list down to 50. Also, if you are looking for some amazing speakers for your next event, this list is the place to start.

The European Artificial Intelligence Landscape

Excellent insights and roundup of more than 400 AI companies in Europe. Check out the graphics, stats, and facts about The European AI landscape, including top startup hubs, best-funded companies, leading AI nations, and industries. Full article here.

Think global, act global: key advice for Europe’s startups

In this ITU news article Lucy Spencer talks with several tech startup experts about Europe’s startups and why should they consider going global from Day 1. They also provide fresh insights on how to fuel business growth by tapping into global funding and market opportunities. Read the full story here.


Photo: Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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