European Business Reads: Digital Transformation, Leadership and Digital Ecosystem.

The new „European Business Reads“ is out. Check out this week’s selection of the most interesting articles about digital transformation in Europe, digital leaders, and startup ecosystem in Sweden.

Is Europe ready to lead the next digital transformation?

In August 2017 Responsible Business published this article, stating at the very beginning the following: „Europe should have all the ingredients for a smooth transition towards the connected age – So why is it currently lagging behind China and the US in the digital revolution?” Discussing the latest 5G technologies in conjunction with IoT, this article talks about technology beyond making our lives more convenient. It highlights the importance of its potential to address important human, economic, and environmental needs; the reasons why Europe has seemingly fallen behind in the 5G race, and the potential actions to achieve full digital transformation. Read the full article here, share in the comments what do you think.

Digital Leaders in Business 2018 – Study

Bringing you the Digital Leaders 2018 Study from BearingPoint. Their document assesses the digital maturity of 64 leading Swiss companies, 221 leading Nordic brands, 64 leading Finnish brands, 80 leading Swedish companies, 70 leading Norwegian companies, and 50 UAE companies. They summarized their findings across six digital maturity dimensions: digital marketing, digital product experience, e-commerce, e-CRM, mobile and social media. Click here and start browsing each of the sections.

Why Does Sweden Have So Many Start-Ups?

Sweden excels in promoting the formation of ambitious new businesses, on a level that’s unexpected for a country of roughly 10 million citizens. Global companies like Spotify, Klarna (the online-payment firm), and King (the gaming company) were all founded in Sweden. Read the full story here and find out what has been Sweden doing right.


Photo: skeeze on Pixabay

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