European Business Reads: Digital Diversity, Global Hotbed, and AI Pact

This is the latest in a series of weekly curated posts across the web, highlighting the news from growing European business and digital marketing environment. Dive deep into SEO and content marketing diversity, along with the expansion and growth of AI/VR/AR in the European Union, and the UK.

The State of SEO and Content Marketing in Europe

Back in 2016, Inbound came up with this, still relevant, presentation: The State of SEO and Content Marketing in Europe. On 60 slides they presented differences, similarities and specifics. Also, they interviewed 15 industry experts, each from different European country, who shared their views on SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing. To quote: ‘Europe stands for diversity for SEO and content marketing alike.’ Check it out on slideshare.

U.K. – a Global Hotbed for VR and AR.

The U.K. is becoming a global hotbed for VR and AR. It’s a fairly extensive read, filled with various links to explore, which will give you a sense of the scale of VR/AR ecosystem. From interactive maps, to researches, and examples on how different companies build their business in the industry, everything indicates, the U.K. is currently the largest market for VR/AR in Europe. Read the full text here.

EU Artificial Intelligence Pact

“The scale of investments, the scale of developments, is something that goes beyond the possibilities that one member-state alone has.” – Georgios Petropoulos. This sentence pretty well sums up the main idea behind the pact signed by twenty-four EU countries in bid to compete with US and China. They all pledged to form a “European approach”, and several ministers emphasized that the EU should agree on ethical standards on AI that could give European companies an advantage over competitors. Read the full story here.


Photo: Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

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