European Business Reads: Digital Potential and Content Marketing

This is the first in a series of weekly curated posts across the web, highlighting the news from growing European business and digital marketing environment. Check out this selection of the most interesting articles about content marketing and content strategy in Europe.

Digital Europe: Realizing the continent’s potential

McKinsey Global Institute Report states that Europe is operating below its digital potential even though the continent has key digital strengths that it can exploit for economic gains. Take a closer look at the digital transition and at the degree to which digitization drives sectors and firms. Read the whole story here

How effective is Content Marketing – The results of survey in Europe

Smart Insights and HubSpot teamed up for the third consecutive year to to gather the opinions of professional content marketers about the key trends affecting the industry and the big challenges they face in their roles. Download the free report and get access to 10 key questions you should be asking to review your approach to content marketing.

Europe’s successful paid content strategies report

Latest report from The Media Briefing on Europe’s Successful Paid Content Strategies brings insight and advice from European publishers. 15 case studies, featuring interviews with The Economist, Schibsted, Le Monde. Download this free report here


Photo: Drew Graham on Unsplash

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